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Research Grants

  • 2020, University of Miami, Provost Research Award, $16,500

Preventing the Mass Exodus: A Comprehensive Theory of Nursing Homes Staff Turnover

  • 2016, California Health Care Foundation; $95,000

Examining the Effects of HIPAA Omnibus Rules on Reducing Privacy Breaches among Business Associates

  • 2016, David M. Rubenstein Grant; $95,000

(How) Should We Regulate Uber? Analysis of the Regulatory Aspects of Ride Sharing Services in India

  • 2016, National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation; $60,712

An Empirical Investigation on Potential Manipulation in Nursing Homes’ Rating System

  • 2015,California Health Care Foundation; $128,072

Documenting the Lessons Learned from Recent Privacy Breaches in Health Care Sector

  • 2014, Department of Health and Human Services (subcontract form MITRE Corporation); $24,000

Development of ONC Health IT Policy & Business Framework


  • 2018, Nominated for Best Problem-Driven Analytical Research Paper; Decision Sciences Institute

  • 2017, Best Research in Progress Paper Award; Workshop on Information Technology and Systems

  • 2016, Privacy Scholars Fellowship; Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University

  • 2015, Young Researcher Award; Workshop on Health Information Technology & Economics

  • 2015, Fifty Leaders in Health IT; Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review

  • 2013, Dean’s Award; SUNY at Buffalo School of Management

  • 2013, SAS Global Forum Student Scholarship Award; SAS Institute

  • 2012, Best Poster Award; SUNY at Buffalo School of Management

  • 2011, Nominated for Best Paper Award; Workshop on Information Technology and Systems

  • 2009, Best Student Paper Award; Society for Risk Analysis


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